Types Of Birthday Cakes

Types Of Birthday Cakes

A cake is very important at a birthday celebration. There are many designs, colours, shapes and sizes when it comes to these delicious treats. Blowing the candle and cutting the cake is a tradition when it comes to a born day party.

Birthday cakes are usually chosen based on the person. The age also matters when considering the birthday cupcakes delivered. There are many designs, themes, colours, techniques, personalisation, toppings and statements that be used to create one. There are many ideas that are now available online which might make you feel like you cannot choose.

There are a few types of cakes and a few are listed below:

Chocolate cake
Chocolate is a key ingredient for custom birthday cakes and all ends with it being gobbled up by all the guests. There are a many types of chocolate cakes that are available such as chocolate mouse, traditional chocolate cake, mocha chocolate, mint mud cake, frozen chocolate cake and classic devil chocolate.

Toppings and frosting
For those who do not like chocolate cake, there is another option. There are cakes that are topped up with fruits and frosting as well. Strawberries and cream sponge, hazelnut fruit frosting, caramel apple cheesecake and there are toppings such as maple syrup, pecans, more nuts as well.

Coconut is a great alternative to fruit toppings and frosting. Coconut is a wonderful ingredient that matches vanilla, chocolate, ombre cakes, lime, lemon and the traditional coconut sponge. Apart from tasting the textures of the icing you swallow, you will feel the textures of the coconut.

Coffee is great for both drinking and eating. The coffee icing and the other butter icing is normal topped on separately instead of letting it mix together initially. Coffee cakes are normally topped up with walnuts.

Simple cakes
There are simple sponges that are very yummy. However, you will enjoy salivating while thinking of these cakes as well.

  • Pumpkin and pecan layer – The mix of pecan and pumpkin will leave your taste bugs restless after biting into the pecan
  • Germany chocolate sponge –Another chocolate sponge cake with German chocolate that will melt into your mouth as soon as you sink your teeth into it.
  • Banana cake with caramel icing – The sponge itself stands on it own. However, what will make it even better is using caramel as an icing.
  • Black forest – This is topped up with cherries, frosting and chocolate shavings. These will melt in your mouth leaving your taste buds dancing.
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